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Whether you've had, a friend, spouse, family member or a financial advisor help you with your retirement plan, read below to find out how you can have more to spend from the same principal amount.

Retirement planning can feel overwhelming. In fact, our own government does not want us to be good at planning our financial futures- many of my clients have feel the same way; they had felt the enormous struggle to finding a path to the ideal retirement plan! Once they found My Secret with better options available for retirement, their struggle ended and their spending power increased multiple times versus the government created qualified (and some non-qualified) plans like 401k, 457, 403b and IRA's.

​Did you know that your qualified retirement plan may be taxable when you go to spend it? Do you know your retirement plan may be taxable at rates of up to

What if you could discover the absolute best way to retire with far less taxes than you may be subject to in your current plan AND according to all of the IRS rules?

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